#etmooc day 1

The orientation week started and I could realize once more the dimension and the importance of moocs for education .So many people wishing to learn and collaborate with others ,the diversity of countries and backgrounds is amazing .I also found other wonderful educators from my country and I was glad that I found  more people aware of the Brazilian reality .This course is full of happy educators ,eager to learn and share  ,my doubt is if it’s because etmooc is a mooc for educators and we are this kind of people ,generous and warm or if it is because etmooc is a c-mooc or both .The first session was an introduction and explanation about how the course is going to work .Alec Couros posted a video about the first time of a girl skiing and the fact that how challenging is to get out of our comfort zone and the positive results we achieve when we accept to face the challenge .This firrst week also gave me many ideas to my classes this semester ,for example ,the first assignment ,which was a video introduction is awesome , very easy and funny so I think I’ll ask my new students to do the same and the blog experience is really relevant ,when in my conversations with my PLN we always talk about teaching students to use the appropriate tools to learn  what they really need to learn by doing  , blogging has everything to do with it . I still don’t know which levels I’m going to teach this semester but I ‘ve already started to plan it and #etmooc is a great source of inspiration .


Photo shared on Pinterest by Sherri via melaniexeinalem .


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